What’s in Chelsea’s Carry-On?

I think I’ve packed and repacked about a hundred times! Until reading Annie’s post, it didn’t really occur to me to pack clothing in the carry-on! I’m taking my Away Bigger Carry-On and my trusty Longchamp with me on the plane—and they are stuffed to the gills! I have to say though (as I sit at the airport bar), this was one of the easiest check-in security processes of my life! I guess I packed like a pro!

I keep getting a deep feeling of dread that I’ve forgotten something essential to my well-being, but only time will tell. Here’s what I’m currently lugging around.


Power Adaptor/Converter

I went all out with this, because I swear to god if any of my electronics fry I will jump in front of a train. I opted for one that has worldwide adaptors so that I have an excuse to go abroad again!

Underwear, Bras, Socks & Various Underthings

Yeah, if my luggage gets lost, I’m not living without this stuff.

Bookbag, Purses, Sunnies, and Hair Accessories

All the fun stuff. I’m packing these and this in this.

A few nights’ worth of pajamas and 2 days worth of outfits

Self-explanatory. Also, how cute are my pajamas? I also got them for $14 at Frugal Fannie’s, so.

Formal Dress & Heels

For the opening dinner! I’m wearing a Banana Republic cocktail dress and a pair of Lifestride pumps, because I have the wide, gross feet of a land-monster.


While I didn’t pack my wedding rings (I’d die if I lost them), I did bring some fun costume jewelry to jazz up my outfits!

Feminine Products

Sorry to bring it up, but ladies, this qualifies as a definite necessity. I have L tampons and some Brandless organic cotton pads and liners.


I have a huge-ass Glossier pouch stuffed with lipsticks. Because I’m me. My favorite lipstick/lipgloss brand is Oui Fresh!


I’ve heard that it can get a little drizzly in Old Blighty.

Bluetooth Speaker

If you think for a second that I’m not going to subject Annie to a Cardi B dance party, well, you’re wrong.

Personal Item

Passport & Cell Phone

Duh. I snagged this case with a fun holographic pocket sticker from Target!


I Googled “can laptops go in checked luggage” and, surprise, surprise, they shouldn’t!


I have the Kindle Fire 7 in Yellow. It’s named Saffron, and it’s loaded with fantasy novels!

Books, a Journal, & Study Materials

The HobbitThe Golden Compass, a notebook, a folder, and pens.


Filled with foreign currency and chip cards, of course! As a good friend once told me, “Everybody’s rich on vacation. If not, you might as well have stayed home!”


If there’s one thing you must know about me, it’s that I subsist off of Lärabars. I packed my signature Lemon and a few mini Apple Pie to tide me over (although I’ve heard they feed you on these transatlantic flights!


Because I decided last minute that 6 pairs of shoes were just not enough!

2 Empty S’Well Bottles

Because a bitch gets thirsty on flights! Hydration is key to travel, especially when pulling a (probably) all-nighter. Just because I’m going on vacation doesn’t mean I can abandon my environmentalism!


An aux cord, a lightning cable, headphones, a dongle, and my Kindle charger.

The Bare Necessities

Hand sanitizer, hair ties/pins, and deodorant. Explanation not needed! Oh, and a toothbrush!

Coat & Flops

It gets cold on planes! Similar jacket here. And my trusty Sanuks!

Eye Mask & Earplugs

I take relaxation very seriously.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Once we get home from this adventure, we’ll share packing & travel tips, Oxford travel guides, and more!




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